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Kiran R. Patel

President - Broker




Kiran's Professional Biography

Kiran R. Patel is a hospitality industry professional who specializes in commercial real estate, hotel construction management, hotel management consulting and asset management. Kiran has been in the hospitality industry for over 40 years and is the owner of Florida Executive Commercial Brokers, Inc. (a privately held commercial brokerage firm) & KNN Partners, Inc (a consulting firm). Throughout his career, Kiran has had the pleasure of owning over 10 hotels, constructing 2 hotels and completing hotel transactions in excess of $120 Million.

Kiran moved from India to the United Kingdom with his family at the age of eleven. He graduated from West Oxfordshire Technical College in 1976 with his degree in computer engineering. In 1978 he migrated to the United States with his wife, Gita, where he began his Hospitality Career.


Kiran's hospitality legacy started in the city of Montgomery, Alabama with his first partnership in a 100-room hotel. In 1979 he relocated to Athens, Georgia where he purchased his first single-ownership motel and his career later took off. He spent 10 years in Athens building, owning and selling properties.


In 1989 Kiran moved to Orlando, Florida and acquired various properties from full service to limited service hotels. In 2003 he ventured out to become a full-time commercial real estate broker, specializing in hotel/motel sales and consulting. To this date, Kiran has been involved in over 30 transactions for domestic and international clients, and continued his service for those clients through asset management, consulting and continued sales. His ability to offer his clients a thorough service, consisting of assistance through the due diligence process, obtaining financing, hotel development, hotel renovations and asset take over are what set Kiran's and his firm apart from his competition. 

Glass Buildings

April N. Kudwa

Executive Assistant




April's Professional Biography

As a Hospitality Professional, April Kudwa has been working in the hospitality industry for eleven years. Her extensive experience working in all sectors of the hospitality field have proven to assist her with her current commercial real estate career. Throughout her career with Florida Executive Commercial Brokers, Inc. (FECB Inc.), April has assisted in thirteen transactions with a total valuation of over $72,000,000.00. She has also completed one hotel development project, the Wyndham Garden Orlando Universal / I-Drive, located off International Drive in Orlando, Florida.


April attended Michigan State University from 2013 - 2017 where she received her Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Business and Real Estate. She completed multiple internships during her time at Michigan State University, consisting of hotel operations, resort management and commercial real estate. April began working with FECB Inc. in 2014 as part of her summer internship. In May 2017, she accepted a full-time position with FECB Inc. where she has been advancing in her career.


April's job responsibilities include project management, commercial financing and commercial acquisitions. She was an owner's representative for the Wyndham Garden hotel new construction project located in Orlando, Florida. April also assists in commercial financing for hotel acquisitions and new construction loans, and has assisted in five commercial loans with a total loan value of $27,000,000.00. April's primary career focus is assisting in commercial acquisitions where she is heavily involved in researching opportunities, locating development sites and assisting in the acquisition process.


Invest Smartly

With Florida Executive Commercial Brokers, Inc. we will insure you are placed in the right property for you. We will assist you through the acquisition process until the very end. With our private firm we have adopted the qualities of a family run business and are always available for continued support after your deal has closed. Contact us today to learn more about the opportunities we have available. 

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